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“The Camel, the Lion and the Child: Our Rides to the Overman”


“The Camel, the Lion and the Child: Our Rides to the Overman”

                                  by Paul Ewing

In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Zarathustra suggests we must go through three metamorphoses to achieve Overman status. First we must be the camel, then the lion and finally the child. Why these three and in that order? Here is an answer to that question.


Zarathustra’s choice of a beast of burden, the camel, is perfect for beginning the transformation. We need to load up our camel with the baggage of the past:  the customs, traditions, and morality that we have carried with us all our lives. Also, we stack on the camel’s back pride, perseverance, comfort, hate, health… all our accumulated cultural norms. Once we load these up on our camel, we can begin our journey out into the desert.  

Out in the desert we ditch the camel (and all its baggage) and become the lion…

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