Ad Hominem Attack on “Zealot” Makes Book Wildly Popular

I watched the Fox News interview and would like to make the following observation.The whole thing is based on an informal fallacy, a fallacy of relevance called the ad hominem attack. You discount what someone knows or claims to know because of something about their background. What would Reza Aslan know about Jesus? He’s a Muslim. It’s really a cheap shot. And yet the ad hominem attack is one of the more commonly used (and swallowed) fallacies around. Ms. Green, on behalf of her network, did a most admirable job of demonstrating it. She says Reza Aslan can’t know anything about Jesus because he’s Islamic. By the same turn, she and Fox news can’t know anything about Reza Aslan because they are right-wingers. I just did an ad hominem attack on the ad hominem attackers. It doesn’t prove anything. I’m going to get the book “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth” because what little this guy was able to say (aside from batting off the repeated ad hominem blows) sounds true to my own reading about the life of Jesus. Footnote on the virgin birth: You don’t have to be Islamic to disregard that silly nonsense.


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