Fast Forward to the Past: Supreme Court Nullifies Voting Rights Act

By declaring key parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act unconstitutional in Shelby County v. Holder (June 25, 2013), the Supreme Court makes its priorities clear. States’ rights are more important than the rights of individuals. In “Citizens United” the Supremes made corporations “individuals” in the eyes of the law. It seems the Roberts Court holds a continuing fire sale on individual liberties and civil rights. They sacrifice rights formerly held only by individuals and hand them over carte blanche to States and Corporations. We might as well resurrect Roger B. Taney as Chief Justice. He was the Supreme Court Chief Justice who ruled that Dred Scott was not a person but property and, therefore, had no rights. “Citizens United” put the country back 100 years to the days of Teddy Roosevelt when corporations had unlimited spending power in elections. Today’s decision puts the clock back 143 years to 1870 and the ratification of the 15th Amendment. That Amendment prohibited state governments from denying voting rights to anyone based on a person’s “race, color or previous condition of servitude.” Welcome back to the Reconstruction era, everyone. It is now 1870 and the clocks ticks backwards….


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One response to “Fast Forward to the Past: Supreme Court Nullifies Voting Rights Act

  1. George

    Back to the days of Teddy Roosevelt and even further back… Unlimited corporate spending power, monopolies running ramped, that repulsive garbage they put in your canned foods, unsanitary slaughter houses, slave wages, workers rights nonexistent, the national-guard mowing down striking miners… Do you really think these lowly dogs have any concerns about you? For example, just before he started bombing Iraq W started drooling and talking about “shock & awe…” heh, heh, we’ll bomb them into submission… But that’s the mentality we’re dealing with… They have no regard for human life. And Schiela appointed W in a conservative court; did they have it rigged? Do you really think I’m kidding? But that’s the mentality we’re dealing with? Since the day Columbus illegally invaded my homeland, there I said it! You know how they snuck up on us, we lived in a tropical paradise, we were highly advanced, and it just did not register that anyone could be so mean, gold hungry, cruel, arrogant and ruthless. In fact, not even the Aztecs fought to kill… (Huh?) …Yeah! They fought to take prisoners to be sacrificed later. It was a ritualistic practice; it was their faith, their religion, and something they highly believed in. But this is here and this is now and we really should know better. Don’t ever let these arrogant bastards sneak up on us again!

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