Quotes From Chairman Pau

Your Second Amendment “right to bear arms” ends where my First Amendment “right to peaceably assemble” begins.–Paul Ewing


“Be all you can be. Study ontology.”–Paul Ewing

“I never met a trilobite I didn’t like.”–Paul Ewing

At dawn the Zen Master walks away from the mountain. How does he know the moment when the sun crests the summit?
Answer: When the Zen Master sees the shadow of his own bald head on the path ahead, he knows the sun has crested the summit.

“The philosophical eclectic surveys the most insanely intense of all possible worlds! Such a wretch would constantly fight an internal mental insurgency. When it came time to make choices among items at the grocery store, the internal dialectic would consume hours. In fact, a trip to Safeway could cause so much cognitive dissonance as to prove fatal. Death via the Safeway! How ironic is that?”–Paul Ewing

“Beware of geeks bearing .gifs.”–Paul Ewing

“The thing I value most about America is my right to criticize it.” –Paul Ewing

“Confusion is the first stage of understanding.” –Paul Ewing

“A foolproof human system is a contradiction of terms.”–Paul Ewing

“Books and movies don’t kill people; people kill people.” –Ewing after the NRA

“The concept of ‘perversion’ originates in the human reluctance to admit of our animal natures and origins.”–Paul Ewing,

“With its resurgence of fundamentalism, racism, spiritualism and anti-intellectualism, America has become the most backward modern country in the world.” –Paul Ewing

“Critical thinking is the type of thinking authority figures don’t want you to do.” –Paul Ewing

“God is the ground of all beatings.” –Paul Ewing after Paul Tillich (Protestant theologian and philosopher)

“Show me an unbiased author and I’ll show you an author whose biases are identical to your own.” —-Paul Ewing

“I’d rather be dead than ‘born-again.'” –Ewing,

“‘Simple’ truths about history are lies about complex subjects.”–Paul Ewing

“I don’t mind if you practice your religion but I do mind if you practice it on me.”–Paul Ewing

“One person’s utopia is another person’s hell.”–Paul Ewing

“God and the devil are the alter egos of man.” Paul Ewing

“Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, the headless talking head of dead heads in the desert.”–Paul Ewing

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  1. James Tillich

    “Just as space is the container of matter, non-existence is the envelope of existence. Without non-existence, existence can not exist.”–James Tillich

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